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IMDb is used by industry professionals and having an active film on IMDb with
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"I released a film and needed good ratings. Audiences and fans look at IMDB to decide if they want to rent/buy the film. I bought 1,000 ratings and it provided me with a genuine and authentic look. A must buy for any indie filmmaker." - Larry (Filmmaker)


"Purchasing IMDB ratings is a MUST for all filmmakers looking to convince their audiences that this is a reputable film to watch. I worked hard and spent big money on my film and was left with little to nothing for marketing. I spent $96 (500 ratings) for 8 stars, and I’m climbing the IMDB charts now. IMDB connects to Amazon so I’m generating a lot of sales through them as well!"
- Miguel (Filmmaker)


"Wow, buy this if you want to rank high on the IMDB charts. I bought 1,000, 10 stars and my documentary was ranked at #4, next to big budget films! This gave my documentary huge exposure and my sales really soared through this. AMAZING and worth the price."
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my payment method is secure on this site?
We guarantee 100% that this site is secure.
All payments on filmmakerseo.com are done via PayPal.


Are payments from other countries accepted?
Yes! Thanks to PayPal, we are able to accept payment from countries all around the world.
PayPal will convert your currency to U.S Dollars automatically when you make payment.


Are the services a one-time payment or monthly fee?
All services on Filmmakerseo.com are of a one-time payment only.


How do I send my URL?
After making payment you will be directed to our confirmation page to enter your URL.
Simply fill out the form and submit.


How long do the orders take to finish?
There are delivery time frames above the service packages to indicate the delivery duration.
Remember it’s not about how fast but how genuine and natural the views come to your video.

If, for example you ordered "2,000 IMDB ratings" it will be delivered within 19-22 days.
This means the views will start from when the payment is made and will flow through till the end time frame of the package (in this instance anywhere from 19-22 days).

Rest assured your order will be completed within the provided time frame with the maximum results. We will also email you when we start and complete the order.


Is Filmmakerseo.com safe to use? Will my video or page get deleted?
We guarantee you 100% that no video, page or any URL you provide us with will get deleted.
All our marketing services are genuine and authentic, meaning no bots or programs. We have been around for the last decade and have provided filmmakers, musicians and global brands nothing but guaranteed success.

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“I've received major networking opportunities because my film is popular on IMDB. Believe me, major film companies follow the same technique as well. IMDB is used by industry professionals so if you’re looking for attention, buy ratings now.”

Frank G (Filmmaker)

"My film needed a boost (9 stars) and Filmmakerseo came to the rescue! This is the best marketing service all filmmakers must use." - Louis Dawson (Filmmaker)

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