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youtube video commentsWhether you’re a filmmaker looking to promote your film or a musician trying to get more exposure for your music video - purchasing YouTube video comments is a great way to increase your video popularity and branding. We have helped filmmakers, musicians and global brands become more successful by increasing their online presence.

This is how we do it. All our comments are genuine. Nothing shady and no bots are involved in increasing your video comments.

So basically it’s simple: More comments = More visibility on YouTube.

There are over 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.

What does this mean to you? This means YouTube is saturated with videos and the chances of you getting that well deserved attention is little to none. This is where we come in! By buying YouTube comments from us, you will see an automatic reaction to your YouTube video.

Your video will rank higher on YouTube and this results in more views, likes, comments, shares, subscribers and an even stronger online presence like never before. Genuine comments will also help trigger the benefits of your video going viral. This means you have the satisfaction of having a trending, active channel and being featured on the “Popular on YouTube” page. 

So what are you waiting for? The opportunities are endless. .

Order now and get famous!


See what some of our happy customers have to say

"I bought some YouTube comments to help boost the social side of things for my fashion Vlogs and it helped. The comments posted were unique, real and most importantly related to my video. Also the video I bought comments for was featured on the “Popular/Most Discussed Videos” page."- Jackie (Fashion Vlogger)


"I was a bit skeptical about buying comments but I took the chance and Filmmakerseo proved me wrong. I am so impressed at how well it helped bring in more shares, views, likes and even more comments! Major plus about this service is that everything is real. Props to you guys." - Brad Cooper (Comedian/Vlogger)


"So I buy at least 40 comments a week, the accounts are real and the comments are coming from real people. I noticed people tend to comment on videos that already have comments on them already, (if that makes sense) so this is a must buy for me." - Daron (Filmmaker)


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my payment method is secure on this site?
We guarantee 100% that this site is secure.
All payments on filmmakerseo.com are done via PayPal.


Are payments from other countries accepted?
Yes! Thanks to PayPal, we are able to accept payment from countries all around the world.
PayPal will convert your currency to U.S Dollars automatically when you make payment.


Are the services a one-time payment or monthly fee?
All services on Filmmakerseo.com are of a one-time payment only.


How do I send my URL?
After making payment you will be directed to our confirmation page to enter your URL.
Simply fill out the form and submit.


How long do the orders take to finish?
There are delivery time frames above the service packages to indicate the delivery duration.
Remember it’s not about how fast but how genuine and natural the views come to your video.

If, for example you ordered "500 YouTube video comments" it will be delivered within 16-18 days. This means the views will start from when the payment is made and will flow through till the end time frame of the package (in this instance anywhere from 16-18 days).

Rest assured your order will be completed within the provided time frame with the maximum results. We will also email you when we start and complete the order.


Is Filmmakerseo.com safe to use? Will my video or page get deleted?
We guarantee you 100% that no video, page or any URL you provide us with will get deleted.
All our marketing services are genuine and authentic, meaning no bots or programs. We have been around for the last decade and have provided filmmakers, musicians and global brands nothing but guaranteed success.

Filmmakerseo Guarantee

  • 100% Genuine Comments
  • All Orders are Confidential
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Featured Review

“I bought this service to help boost my comments and it worked well. Customer support helped me through this... I wanted a mix of good and bad comments and they did a great job. They also come from real accounts! 5 stars!”

Tim-P (Filmmaker)

"Loving it! More comments gets viewers to stay on my video longer. It's is a good thing as this results to more subs, social shares and views." - Trevor (Musician)

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